These adorable, colourful pumpkins are everywhere this year and we can see why! Let them take centre stage on your Halloweekend menu with this simple soup recipe that’ll wow your guests (and save you on the washing up)!

You’ll need:
One pumpkin/squash per person
A carton of double cream and a cupful of vegetable (or chicken) stock
Spices, herbs and flavours to your taste (we used paprika / dried kale and oregano / sumac and ginger)

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Chop off the tops and scoop out the seeds leaving plenty of flesh (put aside the seeds and tops for later)

Fill with half stock and half cream (up to about 1cm from the top) and add a sprinkling of your favourite flavours and a pinch of salt and pepper – give it a very gentle stir

Replace the ‘top’ and bake until tender. Ours took about an hour and a half to cook with the oven on 160.

Meanwhile… back to those seeds. Remove any flesh, give them a quick rinse. Spread them out on a baking tray with salt, pepper and a touch of olive oil (we also added a sprinkling of smoked paprika). Bake alongside the pumpkins until crispy (ours took 40 minutes).

Once the pumpkins are tender, let them a cool a little (a few minutes should do it) before mixing the flesh and cream together.

Add a swirl of cream and the toasted seeds before popping the lid back on. Serve immediately with crusty bread and butter.

Voila – a colourful cauldron of gorgeous creamy soup that practically makes itself – magic!