Nothing beats sitting around the table with friends, popping open a bottle of wine, eating a good meal, laughing and chatting into the night priligy tablets online. It doesn’t have to be a massive pain to organise, the main thing is enjoying yourself! Here’s top 10 quick tips:

  1. Guests: Having friends round for a meal is fairly straightforward but spice things up by hosting a larger party where you mix and match friends. Pick guests by shared interests or temperaments or just throw them together (Come dine with me style) by gut feeling and hope for the best!
  2. Drink: A house cocktail always goes down a treat on arrival. Mix up your favourite or try pimms, gin and tonic or elderflower and fizz – put it in a jug with plenty of ice so you’re not running round sorting drinks for everyone as they arrive. Ask guests to bring wine a bottle but make sure you have plenty in reserve too.
  3. Food: Keep it simple, your guests want to hang out with you so you don’t want to be in the kitchen all night. Put out olives, hummous, choppped pitas and nuts out to act as a starter when they arrive. One-pots, curries and cassoulets can be left in the oven and brought out when you want them, or try fajitas for guests to assemble themselves. Ask someone to bring a pudding to save you a job.
  4. Table: A few decorative touches make all the difference. If you have a lovely table keep it clear or fancy it up a bit with a runner. A crisp white tablecloth is a good investment to cover an ugly table and lends itself to any occasion. Decorate with fresh flowers or house plants (I usually collect my various succulents from around the house) and add candles or lanterns for a quick, elegant setting.
  5. Lighting: Our table is in the kitchen so I’ll always bring in lots of lamps if we’re having people over to keep it soft and snuggly. Light candles or lanterns as it gets dark, not just on tables but on window sills and side tables for extra romance.
  6. Music: A playlist is guaranteed to set the mood and while I personally LOVE spending an hour making a digitial mix tape for different occasions, there’s also loads available if you can’t be bothered. Keep it laid back and lazy with some jazz or folky tunes or go electro-swing to jazz things up. (If dancing on the tables is likely to break out, then make sure you’ve got a party playlist ready to rock too).
  7. The chat: Even if its friends we see really regularly, a dinner party feels a bit special and it’s nice to keep off topics like work, kids, washing up and boring day-to-day nonsense. Sitting round a table seems to encourage big conversations so embrace it. I’m not saying have a list of topics to discuss (weird) but try and keep things interesting. If you’re mixing groups, steer things and be host with the most by asking lots of questions/being genuinely interested in your guests.
  8. Entertainment: Anyone for a ‘parlour game’? (!) I’m not talking monopoly or hide and seek or anything weird, just saying a game of cards or the classic ‘Who am I?/rizla/name game’ can be a fun way to spend an hour. And there’s always cards against humanity if you’re feeling evil.
  9. Clearing up: Don’t do it. Just put everything to one side and do the washing up when your guests have left. Or in the morning.
  10. New York, New York: It’s getting late, you’re tired, the wine has dried up but the guests won’t leave… I’m a big fan of playing New York New York, my friends are conditioned to know that this means get out. Of course, telling your guests what time to book taxis for is a more polite way to tie things up. Or you could subtly glance at your watch and yawn? Starting the washing up or taking their drinks away could work really well in a passive-aggressive way. Blow out the candles, turn up the lights and turn off the music – nightclub style? Or just crack on and enjoy yourself, the night is young…